Main information

The registered association "Brücke der Freundschaft - Friendshipforce" (ZVR: 197778812) is based in 1050 Wien, Wehrgasse 11a.


This non-profit organization is an international private cultural exchange program which provides opportunities to explore new countries and cultures from the inside by home hospitality. Local hosts welcome international visitors into their culture, sharing with them meals, conversation, and the best sights and experiences of their region. Main aim is to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people. There are no party political goals. The Viennese organization was founded on 1981-05-09 by Ms. Emmerling after meeting the founder of FFI, Wayne Smith.


Members: 45


Hosting capacity: 12 persons

Additional hosts may stay in a guest house (with costs)


Chairwoman: Dr. Herta Heger